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Vikia Optical Digital Research Institute

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Global expert collaboration platform

At VIKIA, we advocate for innovation and comprehensive services, and we recognize that the most crucial element in today’s innovative work is the talent behind it. That’s why we’ve established a global collaborative innovation platform, inviting experts from relevant fields worldwide to join our research institute, working together on innovative research and engaging in global collaboration in practical business applications. Through this collaborative platform, we can find cutting-edge experts in the fields of optical technology research and development, optical product development, and ID design for you on a global scale, providing comprehensive innovation services for your entire business through an efficient collaboration network.

Among our collaborative partners, GEMBAH is the one that comes closest to meeting our clients’ business needs. Together with VIKIA, they offer services including market research, product definition, product development and design, product packaging design, automated project progress management, and assistance with global exhibitions. Our joint services have received consistent praise from clients worldwide, and we hope to bring the benefits of this service to more business partners, helping them better explore markets and promote their own brands – this is also the goal pursued by VIKIA’s service philosophy: I.D.E.A.

Strong R&D Capabilities for Innovative Products

Abundant Raw Material Resources & High Capacity

Various Customizations for both Software & Hardware

Experienced OEM/ODM Services & Supports

Cooperating Institutions & Agencies


Gembah offers a unique product design & manufacturing platform for entrepreneurs, businesses, and individual creators. Our 500+ vetted experts have designed for companies such as Under Armour, Weber Grills, and more. With over 2000 vetted factories in 8 different countries, we have the connections & tools to help solve all of your product and supply chain needs — all in one platform.


Henrik Johansson

Co-Founder &

Henrik is the co-founder and leader of Gembah and has been the CEO and founder of several startups, most recently Boundless, the $100 million promotional products company and platform.

Steven Blustein

Co-Founder & Head of Sales and Partnerships

Steven is an outstanding entrepreneur and innovator, a SharkTank winner, CEO and co-founder of Pridebites.

Neil Macqueen

Renowned design director

Former Director of New Product Innovation at Dyson. He has 78 patents to his name and is a key innovator in some of the world’s best known products.


Director of China & Southeast Asia

A member of the Gembah start-up team, Louis has many years of international business, manufacturing and supply chain experience and is passionate about building sustainable and strategic supply chain networks.

Bing Yi

Vice President

Best-selling author, senior foreign trade person, think-tank expert of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, many years of work experience at home and abroad and management experience in multinational companies, specializing in overseas development and branding strategies for foreign trade enterprises.