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Smart Pets

Smart Pets

This is a kind of pet interaction webcam with advanced functions. Now just pick up your mobile phone and open APP “Smart Pet”, you can accompany your pets at any time and any place. You can watch and talk to your pets, feed food and play with pets by controlling the laser dot. Create your own space with pets and keep it close to you at all times.


  1. With 120 degree wide angle lens and 720P HD video monitoring remotely by mobile phone .
  2. Built-in 5 music to call pets to eat. You can also record your own personalized voice.
  3. Control the feeder to feed pets remotely by mobile phone for interacting with pets.
  4. When detecting motion and voice, the feeder will record video and push message to your mobile phone.
  5. Let pets chase the laser dot by controlling the laser dot up and down. Manual mode and automatic mode can be optional.
  6. Share the account to your family and friends so that they can join the growth process of pets.
  7. Photos can be shared to Facebook,Twitter and Instagram instantly.
  8. With loop recording function. Record precious video for your pets in 24 hours incessantly and stored in TF card. You can review video as per the recording time on mobile phone.

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