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Trail Cam

Brief Description

This is an APP for high definition wild camera with WIFI.

Complete Description

APP main functions

Use the remote control to turn on the wild camera. Open the APP on smartphone, after connecting to camera successfully, users can do below operations on APP without removing the wild camera.

  1. Set the menu parameters of wild camera remotely. The settings on APP and in wild camera is mutual synchronization.
  2. View the thumbnails of all photo and video files on the TF card taken by the camera directly. 
  3. Download,playback,delete and share the photo and video files.
  4. Show one image that the lens view at present, and can refresh and save the current image.
  5. Show important information statistics, such as the the battery level,memory card used capacity,memory card available capacity and number of recorded files.

Wild camera main functions

  1. Ultra lower power to standby.
  2. After connecting WIFI, the file download speed peak is up to 1.5MB/S at a short distance.
  3. Super fast trigger shooting with 0.2 seconds.
  4. Support external TF car, up to 512GB.
  5. With features of time-lapse recording,target recording time,endless capture and so on.

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