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Product from VIKIA - a night vision manufacturer & trail camera manufacturer

Solar Panel Charger – S15

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Highlighted Features:

Wildlife Trail Camera Outdoor Hunting Camera Special Lithium Battery Solar Panel Charger Assembly Epoxy Solar Panel Charger Battery.

Solar maximum charging power 1.5W

Built-in lithium current capacity 1500mAh

Maximum output DC6.0V/1500mA

Solar and external adapter rechargeable

Spray-water protected(IP protection class56)

Service life 3-5 years

More Specs:


Solar Panel Charger

Protective Layer

Laminated Glass

Charge Current


Charge Input

DC5v /500MA

Operating Temperature

-20 to 60 degree



Max Power



Built-in Li-on 1500mah

Max Output

DC6V /1500ma 

Service Life

3-5 Years



Attractive Benefits:

1. Innovative Patents

Team of engineers break through industry bottleneck to develop world’s first head-mounted night vision device. Vikia’s naked eye 3D night vision patents have been granted in various countries.

2. Competitive Pricing & Low MOQ

Source manufacturer’s price, 100pcs support flexible customization. Strong delivery capabilities to provide you with a reliable guarantee to explore the market

3. Full Customization

Customized logo, packaging, graphic and etc. You will be fully empowered in different areas, as long as you can think of.

4. Easy and efficient Service

Have a team of engineers to solve customer problems after the sale, technical guidance on the use and other aspects, to assist you in planning marketing.

Vikia assists your success from beginning to end, as well as gives you peace of mind.


A full charge of approximately one day when the sun is normal 9418 pictures can be taken during the day or 3741 pictures can be taken at night.Can record 2716 segments during the day or 458 segments at night (the default recording length of the prototype is 5S/segment).

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