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Product from VIKIA - a night vision manufacturer & trail camera manufacturer

Rifle Scope – NV3000

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Highlighted Features:

WIFI application-controlled night vision monocular 4K professional version 5-20x digital intelligent day and night type rifle scope for hunting.

External detachable infrared light flashlight fill light, all black ring mirror can be irradiated distance of 250 ~ 300 meters.

Built-in 1.3-inch high-definition TFT internal screen, 3x eyepiece magnification adjustable refraction.

Super bright infrared light night long-distance observation, observation process can be photographed / video.

Wifi function can be watched by 5 people at the same time with cell phones.

The night vision sight can also be on the market optical white light sight, easy to install.

More Specs:

NameNight Vision Rifle Scope
Model NumberNV3000
Effective Visual Distance250-300 meters view distance in complete darkness
Operating Voltage3.7V
Inner Screen1.3'' HD TFT
LensF1.2 large aperture, f=25mm
Eyepiece Resolution6 magnificarion.adjustable refractive index
Video Resolution960P(1280x960@30FPS )by interpolation,VGA(640x480@30FPS )
Photo Resolution1M(1280x960)/VGA(640x480)
Operating temperature-20℃ to +60℃
WIFI2.4G(802.11b/g/n),distance 15M,be used by up to 5 people
Storage MediaMicro SD card, up to 32GB

Attractive Benefits:

1. Innovative Patents

Team of engineers break through industry bottleneck to develop world’s first head-mounted night vision device. Vikia’s naked eye 3D night vision patents have been granted in various countries.

2. Competitive Pricing & Low MOQ

Source manufacturer’s price, 100pcs support flexible customization. Strong delivery capabilities to provide you with a reliable guarantee to explore the market

3. Full Customization

Customized logo, packaging, graphic and etc. You will be fully empowered in different areas, as long as you can think of.

4. Easy and efficient Service

Have a team of engineers to solve customer problems after the sale, technical guidance on the use and other aspects, to assist you in planning marketing.

Vikia assists your success from beginning to end, as well as gives you peace of mind.


F1.2 large aperture, f=16mm.

Built-in 1.3-inch 240 * 240 high-definition TFT display, 5 times the eyepiece magnification, there is a school gun of + word line auxiliary school gun.

Yes, support video synchronization recording.

900MAH Li-polymer battery, supports automatic shutdown.

Approx. size: 172mm * 123mm * 49.5mm, single weight 309G and with flashlight weight 468g.

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