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Innovating never stops here at Vikia

I am Lizzy Qi, the CEO of VikiaTech.

The most effective means of increasing the competitiveness of your business is providing you with the most innovative products and services.


Vikia focus on the continuous innovation in order to provide you with more competitive products in your market.

Innovation is the lifeline and core competitiveness of a company’s sustainable development. Insufficient product innovation capability leads to a lack of competitiveness and plunge the company into brutal homogeneous price competition.

From product planning to technology development, and then to finished product , VikiaTech has been focusing on how to improve the innovation ability of its products & services.

Based on more than 25 years of technology development and product innovation in the optical digital industry, VikiaTech has a strong belief in the value of innovation.

We have our own views on innovation:

Innovating Scientifically

Innovation is not only the preserve of a few geniuses, but a scientific system that can be found by exploring the unique methods & advantages in day-to-day practice for each company.

That is why VikiaTech has been cultivating product manager, technology R&D professionals and product design talents for the past 25 years.

Moreover, VikiaTech is bringing together more innovative talents from all over the world in the form of research institutes to provide innovative impetus to our field.

Innovation in Business

In the real business world, innovation is not only for the product itself, but also for business value that the product carries

Therefore, we seek innovation breakthroughs not only in the technology, function, internal structure and appearance of our products, but also in the value of client’s experience, emotion, business model & service model. 

As a result, an one-stop empowerment service model advocated by VikiaTech has been formed. This model will minimize the burden of OEM/ODM customers on the supply side, making it easy for them to obtain competitive products, so that they can focus more on marketing and brand building.

We firmly believe that we can bring our partners greater market competitiveness and sales volume only through more unique and innovative product and its cost-effective price premiums

Based on the innovative R&D capabilities, Vikia produces and provides you a wide range of industry-leading new night vision and hunting camera. Having your own brand of night vision & hunting camera is never been this easy, moreover, with a nice MOQ & budget.

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