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Empoweing OEM/ODM & more

You will be fully empowered in different areas, as long as you can think of.


A one-stop empowerment service that gives you access to professional assistance from around the world at every step of the way in obtaining product supply.

Our growth over the past 26 years has been due to the booming manufacturing industry in China and our excellent relationships with local governments and communities. In today’s era of global market competition, China’s manufacturing industry is also being updated and iterated. 

As a company with a passion for innovation, we recognized earlier than our peers that you need more than just our manufacturing capabilities and low-cost labor. 

In order to provide you with excellent innovative products and guaranteed delivery, we know that you also need us to help you during the whole product planning process and for the following areas:

Empowered by a night vision manufacturer & hunting camera supplier

Visual Customization

Including logo, packaging, promotional graphics, etc.

Software Development & Customization

Power-on interface, control interface, etc.

Hardware Development & Customization

Hardware configuration, functional configuration, accessories, etc.

ID Design

Product shell design, color, process, etc.

We not only have our own hardware and software development teams, but also cooperate with excellent service companies and experts from all over the world in the industry chain, by doing that, we can organize an internationalized professional team to empower your business.