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Good products are only the beginning of our cooperation, reliable delivery capability is the embodiment of our strength and our unremitting pursuit.


Strong delivery capabilities to provide you with a reliable guarantee to explore the market - from flexible production to large-scale manufacturing.

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Finding our remarkable products is just the beginning of a partnership, more importantly, you need to find a guarantee for your business,  that is our reliable delivery capabilities.

ViKiaTech is part of a Group Company which has three factories, opened in Nantong City (Jiangsu Province), Meizhou City (Guangdong Province) and Dongguan (Guangdong Province), with a total floor area of over 30,000 square meters. 

However, it is not only our scale of production that allows us to offer you a guarantee, but also the following three important advantages:

1. Techniques & Experiences

Our accumulated 26 years of proficiency, it is as fascinating as art.

2. Production Efficiency

With highly efficient production management capabilities and the ability to produce in a coordinated multi-plant division of labor, which allows us to maintain a steady capacity in a turbulent environment.

3. Core Raw Material Stockpile

Due to the substantial capital we have accumulated over the years and the status/respect we have gained in the industry, we believe that it is not only our goodwill that can make you a promise, but also our ability to strategically stockpile core raw materials, as well as the ability to control many variables.

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