night vision wholesale & hunting camera wholesale

Assisting your success from beginning to end

I‘m Ezer, the CSO of VikiaTech, we provide different solutions to meet different clients’ requirements and expectations.


VikiaTech's commercial/business team has a thorough understanding of the industry and will assist you in many ways throughout the transaction process.

At Vi KiaTech, we advocate focusing on one industry for development because it allows us to better understand your needs, which are not only your needs for products, but also your specific needs at different stages of the process including:

  • Testing the market
  • Expanding the market
  • Increasing sales
  • Building your brand

    We also have enough industry experience to assist and serve you to ensure you can get a highly efficient sourcing process including:

    • Sample Acquisition
    • Logistics
    • Custom
    • Synergy in the OEM/ODM ordering process

    The Product Development Journey of night vision goggles & game camera manufacturer

    We have a comprehensive process that you can engage with for where you are uniquely in your own product journey.


    Insights into the market, competitors and consumers. Informs how best to differentiate your product and have success.


    Exploring all the possible options that best differentiate your product idea in the market, based off market insights and customer's feedback.


    Process of developing ideas and gaining confidence through early factory feedback and collaboration with your design team.


    Using your design pack and engaging with our professional team for sample and setup of final lines and designs.


    Taking your product into the best factory choice and producing it at the volumes you need.


    Getting your product from the factory to your warehouse, we will take care of managing to process of the world logistics and customs.

    Different night vision & trail camera ODM/OEM solutions for different clients

    Lite customization

    Moderate customization

    Deep Customization